new life

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hi everyone, I already move to my new house at bukit jalil.
I will less time to update my blog liao.....
So many things happen around me this time...All I need is to change my life .....
So long Goodbye my friends.....

Michael Jordan - Reflection of Success

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In Sunday school, Brother Timothy had share the reading of Michael Jordan with me.

Actually, at first, Michael Jordan is comment by the coach that he is too short in playing basketball. But, Jordan didn't give up and play so hard to proof that he is good in basketball. Jordan need to pass through the people who against him in stopping Jordan to "slam dunk". So, in that time, Jordan needs to figure out how to overcome this obstacle. As a result, day by day, Jordan's skill improves a lot.

Life is full with a lot obstacles that against us to achieve something. But bear in mind that, this will sharpen our strength and spirit in towards the victory.

No matter how hard of your life, please don’t give up. Many noble scientists face their failure non-stop. But they didn't give up, and win in the situation problem. Remember, problem create the preeminence person.

You "Earth Hour" already???

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Today is Earth Hour Day...
Me...sure I will participate this meaningful day..

Storyboy invite me go out to enjoy the "Earth Hour" fever....But where to go?? all the cities, taman also swallow by the dark side.

Haha. luckily I suggested we go to see what happen in UKM.....
Wow...UKM also join this event and all kolej already off the light....but UKM still look very beautiful (perhaps UKM hope everyday also Earth Hour and can save a lot electric.....)

Although still have some house didnt join this event...but I have no right to comment this type of people...

Finally, I just want to say
"Earth..I love U "

Are you Carrot, Egg, or Coffee Bean?

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Today, I read 1 management story and I feel it was nice to share here.

One day, Ernest is so depressed in working life. His wife saw him and tried to encourage him. So, she told Ernest if you put 1 carrot, 1 egg and some coffee beans into a hot boiled water, after 2 hours what you will see? Ernest didn't know what his wife want to say.

After 2 hours, his wife took the carrot and egg out of the boiled water. She show that although carrot very rigid, after cook it will become very soft. Although egg inside is liquid, after boiled it will become rigid. The two things is obviously invert. Last, she show the water already become coffee.

So, this moral story tell us whether we are carrot, egg or coffee bean in the environment of working life. For a people like carrot, he might look strong but after work long time, he will become unstable and weak. For a people like egg, he might look so weak at the beginning, but he will become strong enough to handle the problems. And last, for people like coffee bean he will influence all the colleague and people around him.

So, which are you belongs? Soon, I will step in new working life, I hope I can be like egg and coffee bean.

Life and Love with the World's worst dog--Marley and Me

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"There are nothing can compare when u first time feed a dog, walk by it, breathe the fresh air together, take a stick to let it chase, enjoy ur leisure time with ur best friend. But this is not the experience when I first adopt a dog…"

Here start the movie...sounds so funny...

"For a dog maybe don’t had car, villa or clothes….u give it a stick, it already satisfy for it.

A dog doesn’t care u r poor or rich; smart or stupid; U use all ur heart love it, it will reward and loyal to u.

There are so many people in this world, but how many can do like that??The world is big, but there just some people will make u feel warm and precious in ur heart."

Maybe Marley very naughty, hyperactive and "world's worst Dog" but his master didn't abandon it no matter what happen. For a cat lover like me, I very enjoy this movie and feel like want to cry when Marley can't move and lie there. When Jenifer kiss Marley, it is a very touching part of this movie.

Besides, dog and human, there are some issues about husband and wife...
Wilson performed great as patient and loving family man, while Aniston outperformed herself as a successful feature writer who finally breaks out of control after the birth of their second child. No one could think of another perfect couple to play the down to earth role of Josh and Jenny Grogan.


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小时候, 因该读一年级的时候, 妈妈带我去上巴刹买菜。妈妈时常把我放在一个aunty的挡口, 而aunty是买罗米饭的。 那时候时常都会要妈妈买给我吃,总是觉得aunty 的罗米饭百吃不厌。

香香的饭, 白白的罗米饭, 配上加央或椰扎, 口感一流. 可是我再也没机会吃到aunty的罗米饭了. aunty很好笑容,总会问我吃饱了没....

可是后来听妈妈说她患上了癌, 我那时还不懂怎么一回事, 也再也没有见到她了,吃到她的罗米饭.



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